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LED dome lights

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I got these $13.00 shipped from

So that this

Would look like this

and this

And thank god, this

I'll take a night shot when it gets dark.
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they look cool.. but do they provide enough light to be functional?

My camera does a poor job in the dark. I wasn't expecting much light to come out of them but dayyyum, They're brighter than the stock bulbs. It honestly looks very nice, not too ricey, kind of what an HID headlight looks like on the road.
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oh ya, I left one of the map lights with the regular bulb just incase I wanted a yellow light for a sec.
They're brighter than the stock bulbs.[/b]
so they look better.. and they work better....
i want
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nice dude, so they're bright, cool. 13.00?!?!
what sizes did u get?
#74 wedge for the cubby, 194 wege 4bulb for the front, and 3022 4 bulb festoon for the rear.
cool.. thanks....

k.. im looking at the site.. and im confused... did you need to buy resistors as well for the LED's??? or did you just plug them in?
Just plug em in and go. If you look real close at the pics you can see the resistors built into the bulbs. BTW after driving around in the dark tonight I'm still very impressed on how they came out.
What the hell -- I'll give it a go. I'm placing an order right now...
Damn dude, u sold me.....I'm placin an order too.....I hope your right about the brightness.
Looks pretty nice for not a lot of $$$
Originally posted by Repo1981@Mar 10 2005, 06:09 PM
Damn dude, u sold me.....I'm placin an order too.....I hope your right about the brightness.
It's kinda hard to explain the brightness of the light. It fills the car but it gives off a silver tint if that makes any sence.
wow, i like them alot, im gonna place an order soon too...
just placed my order.... i bet the lights get here before the car does....
I'm not too bright. How hard's the installation on those? Did anybody have trouble removing the plastic covers off, or did they simply snap off? Otherwise, they look great.
the covers are a little hard to get off. It may have been because it was 19 deg out. I used a plastic spatchula (sp?) to pry them off.
Damn it, i was sold on it too. I just ordered the 3 bulbs for the dome in the front and the 1 bulb for the dome in the back. $15.11 shipped. kinda pricy, but if you want it, then what can you say?
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