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LED bars under dash?

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Anyone know which wires it is to hook up LED's under the it the thick black and red or which ones?...and on my passenger side i only have a thick black one that i can find anyone want to help me out with that??...thanks
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well no experience with the OEM leds, but red is power and black is almost every logical application
yellow can also be power right? (accessory power)?
yeah yellow is commonly the constant power lead, where red is often the switched...(speaking in terms of car stereos, b/c other than those, wire coloring seems to really be whatever the manufacturer wants, nothing consistent) and thats where volt meters come in handy
The OEM accent lighting kit taps the wiring for the cigarette lighter, in scary fashion: the black wire for the LED harness goes to the white wire on the cig. lighter, and vice versa...
Presumably to light unsuspecting, directions-free installers on fire.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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