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what are the chances of the tC making leather seats??? i just thought that was 1 drawback with the car. the cloth is real nice and comfortable and probably more durable but do u think theyd ever offer leather?
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Why wait for factory leather? Get aftermarket - will be cheaper and probably better quality - and you can chose the color / grain / etc.
do you kno how much it would cost do get added aftermarket?
Never did any research on that - don't care about leather - but I've seen leather kits for Toyota Matrix go for $400 just for leather, plus labor would be another $200-300, unless you want to install yourself. That's a tad on the low side, but I would still expect it to be well under a grand. Depends on the type of leather, though.
I had a quote for almost 2k on custom leather. That seems ridiculously high compared to zoltiz's. But that was on a different car than the tc.
if i put in the custom leather would that drop the value if i trade it in down the line b.c. i know some dealerships are stuck on stock cars without the mods?
I doubt it would if it's professionally done. It's leather, an upgrade in most people's minds. It's not like you tinkered with the engine or anything, something I think some people would be somewhat sketched out about if they didn't do the mod themselves. I would think the value would go up with leather. Just my opinion though.
thats what i would think. i just know that sometimes they give people problems about stuff like that but i think it might just be another way of screwing people over for trade in value. do you know if toyota dealerships install leather if i purchased it??
Some dealerships have people that will do leather installs. They ship the car out to have it done. The prices in this area I've seen for leather range around $1200.

Looks like their kits go for around $600-700, plus install, or self-install.
thats not too bad actually im def gonna put some thought into that thanx for the help
we charge $1,295 at Maita. click here for colors and stuff.
I have seen a couple tCs with leather and I think it looks pretty good. Just not my thing.
C'mon, Mori...Leather *and* the 13" spinnaz.
private sell the tC whenever you want to get something esle.
Originally posted by Labfish@Feb 6 2005, 08:00 PM
C'mon, Mori...Leather *and* the 13" spinnaz.
hells yeah. i already ordered the 13s from ebay. the "real" wheel cover type. I had to give a little more money for the steel rims to put them on but, i think it will be worth it.
You da man.
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