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Leather Seats?

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People have been talking about putting in leather seats or that they have leather seats in there tc. Are they nice, where can I get them, how much are they?
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Its not an option with Scion unless its a Special Edition (if there really is one). Although some Toyota dealerships will install leather seats for you at a price if you got the cash.

I would suggest going to a private party to get leather interior done and get some referrals before you go get it done.
I dont know how much they would be....I would guess the price varies depends on who you go to. Just my two cents
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most dealers have aftermarket shops that will install it. I got Katzkin two tone leather seats from my dealer for $1295.
^^^ yep, thats my price on leather as well.
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Jan 4 2005, 08:23 PM
^^^ yep, thats my price on leather as well.
What's the markup? 30-40%? (just being curious)
I will just leave the cloth for now
mine was $1190 dealer option
Thinkin' that an all-glass, kick-arse roof will not be fun with leathah....too hot or too cold, not to mention cracks after sunning from aft to stern (where did I hear boat tems?) with the roof(s). Other car has leathah and, unless heated and cooled, is just not fun for more that about 3 hours a year.
my dealer is charging me 1600

lol so guess i'll have cloth for now =/
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