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late introduction

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Hey, I've laughed my @$$ of at you guys for a few weeks now. No snotty remarks directed towards me, please!
And I just found here I am!
I just got my 2006 azure pearl tc w/tint, wheel locks, OBX shift knob, door sills and mats (and one door dent)a couple of weeks ago. Everyone told me to get another car but I choose this one, now everyone is eating their words.
I love my others in the area!
That's it!

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Welcome! Glad you love your tC as much as we do!
i was never formally introduced, should i make an intro of my own?
haha me neither, will do that when i get my car
Welcome home.
hi... welcome... sign up on frappr... its void of texans
Thanks... I just found the Sparks website from a previous post and just finished my own x-mas shopping, this place is great!
And now Texas doesn't have a void.....I replaced it! That's scary!
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Hi, I was born in and grew up around Dallas (Carrollton to be specific)
What part of Dallas are you from?
Welcome to the site!!!
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Lewisville and Grapevine depending on the week!
You should be very familiar...!
Glad to hear from you!
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