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Laser Cleaning Welding Cutting Machine in stock SLC-W300&500Multi-function laser cleaning welding cutting machine Description We creatively combine laser cleaning, laser welding and laser cutting together to become SLC-W300&500 multi-function laser cleaning welding cutting machine.Simple operation, easy to use, just replace the copper port, change the operation mode can realize cleaning, welding, cutting function switch. The equipment uses high beam quality continuous laser, the use of well-known domestic enterprises power supply, and integrated high-speed scanning system, high precision control system, the whole machine is stable and reliable, good performance, with high efficiency, high cost performance characteristics. This product can be used as the first choice for unemployed people to start a new business and become rich. Basic principles, product use and advantages 1. Basic principle Laser cleaning is a new cleaning method that uses the difference between the laser absorption coefficient of a specific wavelength, or the gap between the melting point and boiling point temperature of the two, so that the pollutants absorb the laser energy, gasification volatilization, vibration, instant heat expansion, and finally peel off the surface of the substrate without damaging the substrate. Laser welding is the use of high energy laser beam to heat the material in a small area of the local, the energy of laser radiation through the heat conduction to the material internal diffusion, melting the material after forming a specific melting pool, to achieve the purpose of welding. Laser cutting is the use of high energy laser beam to quickly heat the material to the vaporization temperature, evaporation to form holes.As the light beam and the material move relatively linearly, the hole continuously forms a very narrow width (e. g., about 0.1mm) cut joint.The edge cutting heat impact is very small, basically no workpiece deformation. 2. Product use 2.1 The cleaning function of this equipment is mainly used for the cleaning of black ash, oil pollution, dirt and other dirt after welding on the surface of various parts. 2.2 The welding function of this equipment is mainly for the welding of thin-wall materials and precision parts, which can realize spot welding, butt welding, overlapping welding, etc. 2.3 The cutting function of this equipment is mainly for thin wall material, used for the cutting of thin plate. 2.4 This equipment can be applicable to aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, Marine ships, electronic micro-processing, food processing, stainless steel aluminum alloy products, mold processing and many other fields. 3. Product superiority 3.1 The handheld operation is convenient, and the handheld head weighs only 1.5kg. 3.2 Handheld head has a quick switch switch, different modes can be quickly switched. 3.3 With a built-in process library to saves default parameters for fast calls. 3.4 A variety of spot scanning patterns, used for different occasions.applicable mobility, and handheld锛?/p> 3.5 Welding, high depth and width ratio, small thermal impact area, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth, beautiful weld, no treatment or only simple treatment after welding, high weld quality, no pores, can be accurately controlled, small focus light point, high positioning accuracy. 3.6 Cleaning does not produce secondary pollution, accurate and controllable, can achieve micron level precision control in the thickness direction, no damage to the substrate, good surface forming effect, fast cleaning speed, a wide range of application. Technical parameters 1. Optical characteristic parameters Average laser power300W/500W Power regulation range10%~100% Scanning patternSupport point, line, circle, rectangle, triangle, spiral line Center wavelength1080nm Work patterncontinuous Polarization directionarbitrarily Beam mass factorM2 鈮?.5 Laser linewidth0mm ~ 10mm Fiber length5m Fiber optic minimum bending radius150mm Output power instability鈮?% Indicates the red light wavelength655nm Indicates the red light power鈮?.3 mW Cooling-down methodHand-held head water cold, host air cold Guide laser functionhave Anti-hyperreflective functionhave 鈥籘he above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situation 2. General characteristic parameters Equipment modelSLC-W300/500 Crate sizeLong * wide * high锛?13mm*453mm*797mm锛圵ith the actual delivery shall prevail锛?/p> Net [email protected] [email protected] Hand-held head weight1.5kg Operation typeHandheld Supply voltageAC 220卤10%V锛?0~60 Hz锛?/p> Operating temperature range0鈩?~40鈩?/p> Storage temperature range-20鈩?~ 60鈩?dry)) Power consumption @25鈩?/p>锛?500W锛?00W锛?/p> 锛?500W锛?00W锛?/p> 鈥籘he above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situationLaser Cleaning Welding Cutting Machine in stock website:China Laser Cleaning Welding Cutting Machine Suppliers Factory
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