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Kurker's RS 1.0

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These photos are in chronological order of the modifications that I have done. This thread will be the definitive photo thread of all things Kurker.

My Bone Stock tC RS1.0 and I.

Eyelids, 3rd brake overlay, pedestal spoiler

Smoked tail lights

Carbon fiber hood

Steelies and Blizzaks for winter fun

5Zigen F-N01RCs and 245 Toyo T1-Rs

Tein SS-Ps

Red painted brake calipers

DraXas Stainless Steel Exhaust

Autocross pictures on the 3rd page.
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looks like you got p zero neros
Your spoiler hides your NIN sticker!!!!
You got some close ups of your paint chips, dings, or scatches you'd care to share?
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Originally posted by kurker@Aug 31 2005, 05:10 AM
My paint chips hurt me too much to photograph.

Looks really nice.
Originally posted by djhax@Aug 30 2005, 10:22 PM
looks like you got p zero neros
Thoughs are not nero's there the yoko's. The nero's are nice but there not even close in performance to the toyo t1-s or the bfg kdw2's. And i'm not hearing good things about the yoko's either. Though that is a nice lookin ride.

I love this picture. If I were you I would get some 6000K or 8000K lights.
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In that photo I only have the parking lights on. New bulbs are on the list but they have a very low priorty. I do have a birthday coming up...
lookin good man.
How are the SS-P's?
Whatcha do with the stock 18's?? I thought they were pimp with cf the hood...
Hey man you get that bump/grind fixed yet? Did it it really turn out to be the front anti-sway?

Your car looks awesome. Your RS is like the only one i like so far, i'm very picky on the color but everything works for your car. It looks so good. Keep us updated with more pics for spring!!
Thanks for the kind words ladies and gents.

To Phungy: The SS-Ps are pretty nice. I haven't gotten them dialed in yet, but for first impressions they are pretty stellar. They eliminated that bit of ambiguity upon turn in. The steering feels much more direct. I will give a full report after the next autoX

To The Deal: The stock 18s are in the garage next to my steelies. They are too narrow and heavy for my liking, but they look nice. I will be using them for commute duty after I get my coilovers dialed in with my 17s.

To zer0: I used to live in Philly. I am back home in Towson MD.

To Ed: Yeah it was a loose nut on the top of the passenger side endlink. I tightened it down and went over some speed bumps at full lock on the steering wheel and no noise, so I think I am in the clear.
Originally posted by The Deal@Apr 24 2006, 12:26 AM
Whatcha do with the stock 18's?? I thought they were pimp with cf the hood...
This is for you Mr. The Deal.

I put the stock rollers back on this weekend. I won't be autocrossing for the next two weeks and I have to do a lot of highway driving so I figured I would save the tread on my 245 Toyos. I can't say I like these wheels much after having the 5Zigens on for a while. They are heavier, narrower, ride like crap, not as agressive looking and the tires suck in comparison. Oh well the treadwear rating is higher so I won't be rubbing off as much $$$ these next couple of days as I travel around MD visiting customers.

At least they still look kinda cool.
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Looks good, ill be at the next Philly autocross. You going to make it?
Looking really good.
Nice job!
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