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Kurkers Car

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i fount this in the test forum area thing, and i liked his car. this is Kurker's car. its pretty sick, so im going to show it to you people.

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That is a nice looking tC. For some reason it looks like it's lower in the front than the back. Looks good, agressive. Awsome rims too.
niice rims
am i losing my mind or are those rims just the stock rims painted black?
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they look damn close, they just looks nice cause they are black..
thats a photochopped promo pic
Normally I don't like that color.

However, with those rims, it makes a world of difference. Based on that picture, I have changed my mind about AP.

That car looks hot! They need those wheels stock.
Yo, thanks for posting my choppin'. I will get to work on chopping my RS 1.0 this weekend.
Yeah, it looks photoshopped to me. But still looks cool.

like the painted rims!

Looks very nice. And yes, those are painted stockers. They look fantastic that way. I may just have to do mine.
how did the stance get so cool? what kind of suspension is that? i like how it is lower in the front. also how much was the paint for the wheels?
Is that AP? Kind of hard to tell, I thought it was a SSM at first...
it is an ap! i thought it was ssm too! wow they look very similer in that pick! (wait is it an ap?
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The rear looks like an AP but the front looks like an SSM...most likely an AP.
Just to make this clear. The photo is a manipulation. The original car is a bone stock AP tC. I found a couple of high resolution photos of this car kickin around on the net. I lowered the body and had some fun with the polygonal lasso tool and the paintbrush.
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