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Key hole plugs?

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Does anyone know if the key hole plugs from fit our scion tCs? and if they don't where do i get looks like they would fit but i dont wanna spend 18 bucks without doing some research first. Oh yea i sent them an email asking if they would fit i will let you know what they say.
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what happens when your keys remote battery dies suddenly?
they pop out...its not like a permanent thing
hmmm intresting
well i got some so i will post pics and tell you how they fit when i get them on the car.
let us know how well the paint matches, too... they seem to use the same paint color for a lot of cars, although i guess white shouldn't be much of a problem.
well i got the plugs in today they fit better than i ever thought they would here you go...



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Wow that looks sweet.. Omg they make blue ones that match my scion when I finally get it!! WOoooo.. Hehe thanks for the idea, and sweet looken car man!
looks good. maybe i'll pick some up for myself.
That looks pretty damn good....

This is from their color matching chart:
Scion Absolutely Red (3P0)    Chili Red
Scion Black Cherry (3P2)  Carmon Red Metallic
Scion Black Sand Pearl (209)  Basalt Black Metallic
Scion Flint Mica (1E0)  Off Road Grey Metallic
Scion Indigo Ink (8P4)  Lapis Blue Metallic
Scion Nautical Blue (8S6)  Lapis Blue Metallic
Scion Polar White (068)  Grand Prix White
Scion Thunder Cloud Metallic (1D2)  Meridian Silver Metallic[/b]
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super quick delivery too...ordered on 29th received in the mail today...(the 31st)
but from the website. it said one was 13 bucks? or did i just read it wrong?
ya unfortunetly you read correctly...13.95 for u need two for the scion tc.
oh and eric u forgot super white (040)---Carrera white
Thanks for the comments and pics, JW.

If you guys are in need of something, let me know via email and we can see if we can pull it off. We specialize in custom interior/exterior enhancements (painted plastic/rubber/etc) and will be happy to help the Scion community as we build a color base for you.

If you don't see your color listed, email me and we'll get on it!

14 bucks for one of those things!!! That's incredible. I'll keep my keyholes as they are.
They look great, but the $$ factor is ridiculous. For $14 each, I'd expect perfect, factory color match at the very least, not a "close" color. But those Porsche guys seem to have a bit more disposable income...
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From the order form on the doorplugs there isn't "Off Road Grey Metallic" to kinda match my flint mica color. Anyone know what is the next best color? Maybe I'll just buytouch up paint and apply it to the doorplug.
smart thinking cata...i was gonna do that since i already had touch up paint...but they match great so i didnt have to
The colors listed on the color match chart are exact matches, not 'close' and will work perfectly.

To explain a bit about cost, the process we use is proprietary and comes from 7 years of plastics development and painting process development.

If you were to find a plastic part to fit, then try to paint it, the paint may look great for a few days, but will release from the plastic. Others have tried, we just put more into it during trials to make absolutely certain the paint would stay, and was factory-chemistry, not some knock-off.

Painting this with touchup won't hold either. The 14-layer process we use assures us and our customer that the product will last, and will look just as good years from now as it does on day one.

Again, if there is demand for dual-packs, or tri-packs, just email me. We will work something out to help this Scion community.
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