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i saw these on their site. does anyone know how these work? is it just a seat cover? here is the link if you wanna know what im talking about....

CreativeCustoms Katzkin
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click this for information from the horse's mouth. (katzkin dot com)

this is teh leather that we use here at Maita. From what i have seem it is vurry nice. there are a couple people on this site who have purchased this from us, they seem to like it.

there is a section on that site for the do it yourselfer... maybe this information will help you. click the installation link on the site.
ok i was just on the site, sry didnt notice, anyway, this is a full leather interior setup, i would definately have to get this installed. if i take this to a leather upholsterer, do you believe they would do the door panels also??
Hey, HaTeOnThYs05. I'm an upholsterer and I just got an account with katzkin and its no problem to do the doors and center console. Not the easiest thing to do tho, very very time consuming to do the entire car.

I'm actually going to trick out my tc with katzkin leathers and I'm doing a suede headliner and fully upholstering the trunk area with a custom upholstered sub box.

We can do some really creative stuff
damn, your in queens homie, lol ididnt notice, so can you give me an estimate? i want two tone<black and dark blue> and the door panels and center console in leather also. FULL LEATHER!! how much would that cost?

also, how much would it be to do it in other materials?
hey, i'm 10 min away from queens in valley stream, so I'd be interested down the line also. My dealer (Neil Scion in Lynbrook) quoted me around 2100 for the 2-tone silver/black leather on the seats, and "middle of the front seat thingy", forget what that thing that holds the cd's is called. Bottom line, a few months down the road I may want to get leather, and would just like to know what options there are out there.
"middle of the front seat thingy",[/b]
lol, center console alex.
Richmond Hill Queens is where we are located. Very close to long island.

We dont charge nearly as much as the dealers do.

As of right now I dont have my account fully set up with katzkin. If you dont feel like waiting you can buy from their online site, and I can install them for you. They usually go for 750 bucks for a single tone leather maybe an extra 100 for 2 tone, extra 100 for perforation, 150 for suede.

Again I'm not 100 percent with their prices but I'm sure when we get our account with them we can give a better price.

Their website gives you all the color combinations and options they offer. If you want to get REALLY creative you can order a plain black leather kit from them and order from me some really rare materials like alligator and ostrich skins. Custom color matched suedes and things like that katzkin doesnt offer. I'll just switch the parts of the seats with the insert you want.

Its easier and cheaper this way since if I were to make you from scrach custom leathers it would go past 2 grand easy. Its easier to add these from a ready made pattern.

So I can give installation estimates for a tc like ours would be $500. Seats, door panels, arm rest. I charge more but for people on this forum I'll go a bit easier, just happy not having to do another escalade or civic
Takes about a day or 2 to install for pros, really time consuming.

Healiners depending on material and things like that goes for around 350-400 for the best quality synthetic suede. You coudlnt tell the difference besides its a HUGE single peice not sewn together.

Also if you have a manual tranny I can color match the shift boot to the inserts. Any other questions just ask.
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Also I'm trying to find a good embroidery place that can sew a nice scion logo in my own car. Its a real pain in leather.

In my own car I'm doing a color match synthetic suede headliner oem color. And I'm going to make a raised scion logo in the a-pillers like hot rodders usually do flame on their headliner. Black leather with dark blue real suede inserts and doors with a Scion logo in black or silver (dont know yet) on the seats and doors. Fully upholstered trunk area in black leather and vinyl (hard to explain but going to be HOT!). Custom upholstered sub box and stuff like that. We can do some crazy stuff.

Also I'm not sure if katzkin sends black or colored leather inserts for the doors and arm rest but I can custom match the leather and do that myself if your interested.
definately, im on liberty ave. every weekend i'll definately come check out where you peoples is at
Funny thing, our shop is located on Liberty Ave. and 108 street
and my uncle lives on 107th

strange......i'll be there asap. i want some ostrich lol.
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Hey hate. I sent you a PM
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Jun 10 2005, 07:15 PM
"middle of the front seat thingy",
lol, center console alex. [/b][/quote]
hahah! I'm an ass sometimes.

Boost, I'd love to see some pics when you work your magic on your tc. Also, if you have pics of other work that you've done with other cars (ie those pesky escalades and civics) I'd like to check them out also. When I do decide to get the leather, and really, it's only a matter of time and money, I'd like to give you guys a call. Please pm me with your contact info, i'd like to keep it handy. Thanks.

- Alex
i'll contact you when i'll be there boost
someone needs to make a DIY on leather install. I just got mine and have no clue what to do.
its on katzkins website. go there and check it out.
Sometimes when people who never installed covers try their hand the leather has a wrinkled non oem look to it. Katzkin makes perfect oem replacements and it depends on how much experience and amazing amounts of patience you have installing the seats to be tight and perfect.

And the damn headrests are a real pain in the ass.
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yea boost, thats y im bringing mine to you. i hate that wrinkle look, it makes it look so cheap. i like evrything
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