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Just saying hi!

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Picked up my IIP 5 speed Tc March 26th from Heyward Allen in Athens. Live in Atlanta. Awesome forums. Hope to meet up with some of the other folks on here sometime.
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Thanks guys. It has been an awesome car so far.
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Hey. Which part of Atlanta? We have 2 people in Marietta area, 1 in pretty much the city, and 2 in the Conyers/Covington area. So wherever you are - somebody is close by

Need to start planning April beer/strongbow cider meet...
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JBranger, I am a former Dawg -- went to UGA for 5 years -- and currently live in Atlanta. Like zoltiz said, we should get a meet together.
Welcome from your friend to the north!!!
Welcome from your friend to the far northwest. Memphis. I went to Emory for a year. Love Hotlanta!
congrats and welcome!!! (I'm no where near Atlanta)
Yea, I live in Alpharetta actually. Used to live in Smyrna. I'm definitely up for a meet. Name the place and time. Actually we ought to meet at US Cafe in Smyrna sometime or Startime in Alpharetta for some Whirlyball!!
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Welcome to the site!
Welcome, and don't mind the smart-asses.
Er... I think I'm included in that group.
And watch out for the Martyfiers. They're everywhere here.
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