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Just Ordered My tC

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Just though I would share with everyone that I am so psyched. I just order my tC last night -

Flint Mica Auto
Side Airbags
Custom Leather - Tan (wanted some color offset to the black interior)
Cold Air Intake
Blue LED
Door Sils
Sport Pedals
Front Stut Tie Bar
Auto Dimming Mirror

And a wife who is freaked out that I could raise the price of $17k car by so much.

Just though I would share my good new. Set my delivery date for February because thats when my current lease is up
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damnnn...hooked up. february's gonna feel like forever.
Seems like all the good stuff - nothing extra. Would not have saved much by getting the options yourself online either - maybe $500, but not more...

SC will be a lot of fun
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Congrats, man!
nice set up.

some of us have to pay cash for the supercharger.

my wife hates me.
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Only because you keep giving her concussions...
just that once. this last one was all her, wolo.

dammit, i believe we are way

haha sin, beat you to it.
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^^ and she's probably fuming about that.

You stole a post from her count.
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Could somebody tell me how much the $upercharger option is..


sorry, i would usually go through a re-hash on most topics, but i am sick to death of this one. feel free to read through this, but no one has an official price. not even TRD. i have an unofficial price, but i am not starting any more damn rumors about this option.
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