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Just got my tC for my Birthday

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I just bought my car on Sept. 24 for my birthday! (it's actually Sept. 23). I'm in love with it. So far, I've received a lot of stares and shouts and I have yet to see anyone with this car so my question is, where is everyone from? I'm from El Monte, CA.

Let me tell ya, I surprised everyone around me. First I surprised one of my friends at a car wash. He was having his Jetta washed and I just showed up. I told him I was getting my car washed too and that I was there. He went to the front looking for me. I was like, "dude, I'm right in front of you!" He's like, "where" in front of you! We spent like 2 minutes with that. He kept looking everywhere, even BEHIND him where there's a building mind you. I finally told my friend in the passenger seat to roll down his window and his jaw dropped. He loved it! He went aound looking at it as well as the interior and just loved it.

After that we went to another friends house. Backstory on this. He knew I was at a dealership trying to get a Scion. He knew it was a Onyx Green tC. But we both didn't know what that was. He called me the next day saying if I bought it. I told him no. Onyx green is actually like radioctive neon green green. lol. I told him that my other friend (riding in the passenger seat) was taking me to a store to get me my present and asked if he wanted to go. I told him that the other guy was driving. He said no. So we drove to his house and parked a couple houses before his. My friend (Sean, aka passenger guy) called him and told him to get out. Juan (surprise guy) says what are you doing here, he said he wasn't going. Sean tells him that I never told him that and that I said to go ahead and pick him up. Confused, Juan says he'll go outside in a minute. As soon as I see him, I sped right by him honking, slow enough though for him to see us andto see his reaction. Priceless. He was still hlding the phone shocked even after I had hung up and turned around. It was cool. I have a few others I may surprise so I'll see what happens.
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Roanoke, VA... can't wait to get mine!!! Got any pics???
Cool, my bdays the 24th also.
NY here, congrats on your birthday and quite possibly the best birthday present you could ever give!
congrat to your new tC. did you get it from Longo toyota, thats where I got mine 22 days before yours. what color did you get? if I see you on the road I'll say hi.

....other tC drivers have been saying hi, I really like that.
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i'm in Wheatland. But no one knows where that is...(B.F.E thats where). I'll just say i'm 40 minutes or so north of Sacramento, CaLi. I don't have my tC yet but i plan to have it in a few weeks (so excited)
Its cool to meet all ya'll. I've only seen 2 other tCs on the road and i'll make sure i wave to all of you out there.
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Thanks everyone. It was a great present that I gave myself, lol. I will be taking pictures of it. I see a few of you who with banners. I plan to make one, I'm into graphic Design. and to the user name cars, No I didn't buy it there because of a huge waiting list. I was about to wait but no. I got mine at Toyota Central in LA. All ready for me and loaded. I don't know if the name is correct, they said it was Onyx Green. But scion website doesn't seem to have that so I think It's a very dark silver with just a hint of green. It looks really great! A lot of people have complemented on the color.

I got a question for you guys. If I don't get many replies on this I'm making a new thread.
How much are you paying for Insurance? and where?

--and I'll wave to you, too! My sis says she saw an exact Scion that I had yesterday around Pasadena, btw.
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hello... welcome.... and i'm from NY. There is a whole thread on insurance rates in the "talk" forum. I'm paying about $200 a month... i'm 22 and a male with no accidents or tickets.
800 half a year. full coverage with 50/100/50 Liability and an additional policy. So I have two policy with State Farm.
That's a perfect example of why it's hard to compare different people's insurance policies -- I would never consider 50/100 "full coverage"...
congrats on your tC and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I'm in gilroy, ca and just got my tC on Monday (9/27).. i Love it
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Welcome to the site Norma!

...hope you can make it to the Lap Around the Bay!
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Hi.. yeah I plan on meeting up with everyone in Pleasanton. Who else is going?

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