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I just picked my 2006 tC last night and wow. It's even better than I had hoped. I test drove an automatic a couple months ago, and it was nice, but driving my manual home was way more fun and smoother. The clutch is so nice. Of course, I'm used to driving a '73 VW Beetle clutch, so anything is easier than that, but it still seems incredibly smooth.

I already put 100 miles on it within the first 5 hours I had it, cause I had to take it out on on the interstate to see what it could do. I was very impressed with the fact that I was able to get it over 80 before even getting off the entrance ramp without even trying. hehe. I'm definitely going to have to start using cruise control more often than I'm used to, because it's so easy to accelorate that you don't even notice it when you've sped up 15 or 20 mph. I almost cried when I going 75 in 5th gear and then downshifted to 4th and was thrown back in my seat by the acceloration even at that high of speed.

Everybody at work loves my car. They especially seem to love the racing pedals. heh.

Anybody got any good tips for a new owner?
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