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The TFS gift is for repeat customers. My dad leased a Toyota van back in 1987 (that REALLY ugly polygon shaped thing where the engine is under the driver's seat) and since he cosigned my lease, we got a returning customer gift. I got the clock too...already have a wet/dry vac.

The $50 card is a dealership gimmick to get you to go in and spend some money. I got the cargo net ($36) and two cheapo non-Scion license plate holders ($10) just to use it up - I can't afford a spoiler or fog lights or anything so it was pointless to use that as a discount. I don't really need the cargo net, but it might come in handy sometime ya never know.

If you haven't gotten a gift card, mention it to your dealer.. "hey I've had friends get these $50 cards blah blah blah".. can't hurt.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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