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Just got a letter from a dealer

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I just received a letter from a the dealer that i have been taking my car to for servicing. well i took to for servicing now i do all of that. They deal with all of my warranty crap. Well any ways i received a letter saying that i have $50 credited to me at the dealer from Toyota/Scion but i have no idea what i should use it for. Any ideas for what i should use it for i would love to getsomething for the car but what have the stuff that they have for it is over priced by alot. So please any ideas for what you think it should be used on let me know because i also have a $50 gift card that i received when i bought the car. I cant use that where i am cause it doesn't work in SC wich sucks but oh well.

Also to help out so people dont post things that i already have. I have the Carbon fiber b-pillars and i have the TRD shift knob (free from dealer cause they couldnt find the part number hehehehehehe) And i also have the wheel locks. so aside from that what should i get.
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did it have a reason why they gave you the $50?? i didn't get no moneY!!
Get sport pedals. They go real nice with the knob.
No it didnt give a reason why. it isnt the same dealer that i bought the car from i bought the car in AZ and the dealer that credited me this money is in SC where i am stationed for the airforce.
ohh~ thats weird.. i want 50 BUCKS!!!
Well I just received a gift from TFS and it wasn't a 50 bucks. I had a choice between Wheeled Duffel Bag, Auto Organizer, Rechargeable Hand Vacuum, and a Sony Digital Clock Radio.
I picked the Sony Digital Clock radio.
get a car care product. california duster. wax. sunshield.
California Car duster is about $10-15 at pep boys.. go for it... I got one... smells funny but takes that dust right off.

With that hundred bucks, I'd go for the Door Sills... they look sooooo good.
It was only 50 and it is only useable at the dealer.
i got a $50 gift card from TFS, just for being me
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dude you should join Connecticut-TC

oh yeah I got my Gift Card the other day, imma get a cargo mat, the one that has "Scion" Embroderd on it
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Where are you people getting gift cards from? Is this some type of promotion or something? Dealer didn't mention any kind of credit or gift card to me when I bought my car. Is this for recommending the dealership or something?
The TFS gift is for repeat customers. My dad leased a Toyota van back in 1987 (that REALLY ugly polygon shaped thing where the engine is under the driver's seat) and since he cosigned my lease, we got a returning customer gift. I got the clock too...already have a wet/dry vac.

The $50 card is a dealership gimmick to get you to go in and spend some money. I got the cargo net ($36) and two cheapo non-Scion license plate holders ($10) just to use it up - I can't afford a spoiler or fog lights or anything so it was pointless to use that as a discount. I don't really need the cargo net, but it might come in handy sometime ya never know.

If you haven't gotten a gift card, mention it to your dealer.. "hey I've had friends get these $50 cards blah blah blah".. can't hurt.
I got mine tc last friday ,and.......I didn' get 50 bucks.!!!!
That sucks
I got my $50 gift card from TFS today. It was a special promotion they were running. If you financed you car with Toyota, you get the gift card. Also, you can use the gift card at I am going to get two TC emblems and bumper guard. I will have to pay a little extra.
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