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Just Bought a 06 BSP TC 5spd!

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so, for a while now.. I have been looking for a car that I could get to be my daily driver so I could park my beast (350z) in the garage during bad weather, etc... a garage queen if you will... I was planning on leasing a few different cars and came across the scion tc and decided to check it out. Seemed like a neat, good looking car (especially for the price) and fit all the needs I needed in a daily driver. I did some research and found out that these cars are hot and a waiting period is usually ahead of buyers especially if you are picky (like me) and want a specific color and 5spd, which is even harder to come by. So, I set out and emailed surrounding dealers and told them what I wanted, wouldn't ya know a dealer right down the street had a shipment come in that day which dropped off a BSP 5spd... LUCK?
so i drive down there to test drive it, awesome.. handles and drives better than I thought, although I didn't have extrememly high expectations out of the car. I was satisified with the styling, interior and love the oversized sun-roof... and the backseats recline? that is pretty cool!! anyways, needless to say I bought the car that day! but the worst thing happened as I was signing the papers..... the other manager had just arrived to work and i guess he didn't tell anyone that he had sold MY car to someone else!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I was so mad... but I guess I got lucky again cause they found MY car in texas and snagged it up on a dealer trade. SOooooooo i get my car in a few days! I can't wait! I read that the BSP/5spd/side airbags is really hard to find, which is what I wanted... I am really glad my wait is only consisting of 3 days
anyways... just wanted to share, introduce myself and I will post pics when I get the car!!!

I AM a mod freak, I already have a list of mods I want... of course I won't go as crazy as I did on my Z.

Cat (girls rock)
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Wow, the tC as a winter rat? lol!

My tC IS my car, and I was thinking of buying like an older tercel/corolla/civic as my winter rat and put my tC up for the winter.

*knows his place on the food chain*..
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welcome to our site. nice choice on a daily driver.
For a winter car....interesting choice..

Never the less, welcome to the site
considering I live in OKlahoma... winter isn't that bad here... just really cold.. maybe a few days of ice... very few... I don't even put my Z up for the winter because there is no need too... I just don't want to drive so many miles in it per year considering what I have done to it.. which is why I chose the tc as a DD, because I still want a tunerish car I can make look good while getting good gas mileage and still having some fun...

if I lived up north, I would have chosen differently
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You can make your tC out-handle the Z pretty quickly and for not too much money. It won't accelerate as hard, but it sure will embarrass the Z around a corner. AMHIK.
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