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Just a man who is dreaming ...

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So I went to look at the tc yesterday at my local dealer. They were sold out but they did have one of the limited edition models on display in the showroom. I gotta tell you, I just fell in love with it.

I'm definitely buying one of these at the end of the year (credit and financing permitting). It will be my first new car ever. Until then, I'm going to just educate myself as much as possible. There wasn't one thing I didn't like about the car. It looks amazing.

I'm not into cars per se so I won't be doing any modifications of any sort but I think I'll love it just the way it is. I'm hoping I can grab up the black cherry pearl or the flint mica one. manual transmission. I'm all about it.

The back seat surprised the hell out of me too. It looked like there was as much leg room back there as there is up front. I also like the pitted seats in the back and the fact that they recline.

I tell ya, I hope to be pretty active on this board because I need to keep the motivation up to save for this car.

Nice to meetcha all.
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.....and not to sound rude, but its called the "release series", not the limited edition
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Welcome to the site! This is definitely a great place to learn about the long as you can ignore the occasional sarcasm
. Hope you can get the car you want. Both the Cherry Pearl and the Flint Mica are awesome colors, but you should be unique and go for the Cherry Pearl, cuz I've been seeing way too many FM's around.
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yeah, Cherry Pearl is my first choice. Most definitely.

Sorry about posting this in the wrong forum. Got too excited I guess.

and yes ... the release series is what I saw. lol Like I said, I'm not a car guy so ...

as for the sarcasm ... once I get comfortable in here, you'll all be asking ME to leave. lol
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It IS an amazing car. It IS worth it. Just wait until you get to ride in the back seat. I think it does have more room than the front. I rarely ever let anyone drive my tC, so I never get to ride back there.
Reading these boards will help you see how great this car is in so many respecs. Don't worry about some of the nitpicking you see on here. It's just an indication of how obsessed some of us are with this car.
Also, you will find stock is very fully loaded, so you will enjoy it even without mods. Welcome!
Welcome to the site and congrats on noticing the car we all love already!
It's so nice to hear that people aren't just here bitching about the car. So many times I have looked at cars, I continuously hear "oh, don't get that, it's crap". Nice to see a car that seems to be delivering to its customers. Especially since it's new.
Welcome. You'll find it worth the wait, and far from disappointing. We do bitch about some things, but they're usually pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

Your satisfaction will hinge on what's important to you. We have members with perspectives all across the spectrum, so you'll probably be able to find a few people with similar interests here.

Good luck on your prospective purchase!
Price wise, you can't get more car for even the same money from any other company, In my opinion. I won't get into details, but do some comparative shopping one day, go drive a SRT-4 or an Eclipse, and ask them if (what they call a sunroof) comes standard, or if the guy in front of you in line is paying exactly what you are, or if the rear seats recline, or if the interior turns into one big room when you take the headrests off and recline the front seats all the way back, or if the sound system sounds great stock, yadda yadda yadda.... you get the point. Its an awsome car.

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and yada yada yada yada
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@May 8 2005, 03:52 PM
and yada yada yada yada
You're beginning to deserve the curmudgeon title.
lol, i learn from the best
haters... lol
welcome to the site, buddy.

i am one of the mods here. if you need anything feel free to PM me, or whatever.

you will love this car. and the parties are fun too.....

please, don't forget to use the search function. it is your friend.

we are all loaded* with sarcasm. can't wait for you to join us in the fray.

* except wolo. he is just plain loaded.

anyway, have fun.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes. I'm already wondering if I can afford it. I may end up having to get some used care more in the 10,000 or under range but ... if by some miracle i can come up with the money, i'm all about it. if not, i'll watch here until i can afford one.
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Welcome Godfather! I was in the exact same position that you're in currently. I actually waited more than 6 months before ponying up. Patience will only make the car more awesome
As for not wanting to put any mods on, the car is still superb without any.
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