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K so i was comin down the street n pull up next to this chick in a prelude with hids, clear corners, and a fart can. Im like ok i dont think shed wanna race so whatever. Anyways she shoots off the line n im like darn so i start goin fast until we both goin liek 60ish(in a 45). Anyways next stoplight im like aight shes gonna race so we both go, and i guess i am really poopy shifter or somethin n dont know how to launch properly cause i was lightly peeling out but whatever. I still ended up winning to around 65 mph by i guess a car length or two. Keep in mind htis is my first manual transmission n i only have driven 1000 miles so i dunno if i shoulda beat her by a lot more or somethin but im still learnin. I dont know what type of prelude it was since it was debadged n what not. I doubt it was the vtec kind caues it shoulda owned me then.

EDIT: it bleeped out my foul language so i tamed it down...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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