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JLines 6rl2 2 piece 19x8 5x100

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19x8 custom offset

green chrome finish but is willing to recoat it for you for any color for free

2 piece custom forged, custom finish.

waited 3 months for these wheels and are selling them now cuz of other plans

nevre mounted on a set of tires or on a car, still in box.

show car rims good for daily and track too

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wow no one wnats quality rims??

Apparently no one wants to pay $750 each for them.
i would kill for a set of jlines but there really expensive same goes for HRE.
nice rims. wish i had the money. bump for you

jlines are now 2500 in black wit polished lip 6rl2

19x8 all around

brand new never on the car, or has touched tires

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