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January Raffle Winners

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The following members are winners in the January Raffle for their choice of a $50 gift certificate at Sparks Scion or a set of Scion tC Door Sill Enhancements!

Winner #1: falcon9094

Winner #2: killerraj

Winner #3: boone125


Winners will be contacted by Ken from Sparks Scion.

The winners of the January Raffle were decided using the random number generator at The numbers provided by are randomly chozen from a range, in this case the number of members on the site. Some ineligible members were chosen, so a second, third, fourth and fifth set of numbers generated were also used. The member numbers selected, their usernames and their post counts are as follows:

1) #331 - falcon9094 - 15 posts
2) #843 - jtrieu - 1 post
3) #748 - Amaranth - 3 posts
4) #221 - Clementine - 0 posts
5) #1028 - excalibur1327 - 1 post
6) #884 - azzwupr - 0 posts
7) #877 - vonplyr - 2 posts
8) #416 - killerraj - 12 posts
9) #461 - muggle - 1 post
10) #50 - mytc3 - 1 post
11) #912 - blackbumbie - 0 posts
12) #856 - lermdawg - 1 post
13) #993 - boone125 - 38 posts

Screen Shot of Set 1

Screen Shot of Set 2

Screen Shot of Set 3

Screen Shot of Set 4

Screen Shot of Set 5

Thank you Ken for making this possible!
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damn once again a total loser
but congrats to the others
Hey I think this is a pretty cool thing you do on here. way to go!
Congrats falcon9094, killerraj and boone125!
"cough" higher post count for eligibilty "cough"
definitely... hopefully soon we'll have a script that will make this much easier...
Marty and I think you should need at least 2000 posts to be eligible...
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i dont think we should reward those with nothing better to do than post over two thousand times in 6 months.
I have plenty of better things to do. Just don't do them all the time.

And if all I did was spend my time here, you wouldn't have your sign in production.
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Originally posted by inevitablegod@Feb 1 2005, 07:36 PM
i dont think we should reward those with nothing better to do than post over two thousand times in 6 months. opposed to those of us who have nothing better to do than post 1,500 times in about 6 1/2 months.
Special thanks to Zoltiz for making a custom script for drawings/raffles, etc! Now, we can raise the post number limit for raffles and other fun stuff!!!
Hehe. Guess who will win next raffle
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^^^ I better win too, I would have written it if I knew what the DB looked like. It was my idea.... (gets dragged away by guards)
Hmm. Let's blame it on those bad people who prevented you from setting up a PHP/MySQL environment on your PC, finding a copy of IPB (that does not have a 'trial' download off their website, and trying to remember PHP that you haven't used in 5 years that you've been programming in languages and environments not even remotely similar to PHP

It's all good. I'll add a little extra to the SQL statement...

*types* "SELECT * from memebers where posts>" . $numposts . " AND id<>47"

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...but weren't you all Newbies not too long ago? With itty bitty post numbers?

We want to play too!
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Hey I know I dont post much but I visit the site frequently and read, I dont post alot on any of the forums I am a member of. So dont hate me for the post count hate me for wining
Z, you are a smart ass.
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