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I'll just copy basilisk4's post and change it to my preferences (because I'm lazy):

Worth it:

- Ground Effects <--This is really worth it to me, especially if you add it in to your payment.
- Carbon Fiber B-Pillar Applique

- TRD Exhaust
- Can't forget about the floormats

NOT Worth it:

- 6-disc CD changer
- Bazooka subwoofer
- Rear Lip Spoiler (unless you just love it)
- Pedestal Spoiler (same)
- Scion Security
- Auto-Dimming Mirror
- Billet Grille
- ToyoGuard (if it exists in your area)
- TRD Shocks
- Weird expensive battery tie down thing.
- Any of the trd engine crap, i.e. radiator cap, oil filter, etc.

Toss-up (matter of personal preference):

- Scion XM <--Really expensive at the dealer (well, mine at least). I'd go for an aftermarket version.
- Interior Light Kit
- Rear Bumper Applique
- OBX Shift Knob
- pedal covers
- TRD Springs

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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