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Originally posted by eclipxe@Dec 17 2004, 11:18 AM
Worth it:
-Ground Effects (it REALLY completes the car's overall look and $1000 isn't bad for a perfectly fitted, painted AND installed lip kit. Many people don't take into consideration the cost of installation and paint. )
-Bazooka Sub (maybe if you have big audio plans this isn't worth it, but it provides a pretty good low end, in a nice enclosure. You are also getting an amp and installation in that price. I would recommend buying elsewhere and doing the install yourself - not that hard)
Def- agree with that the sub is awesome for less than $300 from mcgeorge and you get to keep most of your trunk, a direct plug in w/ amp, and easy install!!! also the ground effects are very tasteful, perfectly fit, and painted to match by the factory, you will not pay less than that for any other kit anytime, anywhere (unless you own a body shop or do the work yourself on an aftermarket kit).

Also nobody mentioned the pedals, I did not think i was going to get them, but they were already on my car at the dealer (somebody else's loss) They are a great improvement, and very good quality compared to most other aftermarket pedals.

One more thing the door sills are an awesome appearance mod, they help carry that brushed metal theme into the entry to break up all that black, I love mine, and for like $40 they are way better than the stock plastic ones.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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