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Worth it:

- Carbon Fiber B-Pillar Applique*
- Mudguards*
- TRD Springs
- Rear Sway Bar (from what I hear -- but only if you get a manual)

NOT Worth it:

- 6-disc CD changer
- Bazooka subwoofer
- Rear Lip Spoiler (unless you just love it)
- Pedestal Spoiler (same)
- Scion Security
- Ground Effects
- Billet Grille
- ToyoGuard (if it exists in your area)
- TRD Shocks

Toss-up (matter of personal preference):

- Scion XM
- Interior Light Kit
- Rear Bumper Applique*
- Auto-Dimming Mirror
- OBX Shift Knob*
- TRD Exhaust* (based on personal taste also)

* These are more likely to be worth it if you order them from Ken over at TRD Sparks -- as long as you can install them yourself or have someone else do it cheaply.

Hmm. Apparently most of the options are not worth it, in my opinion. That just goes to show how loaded the car comes!

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Yea, zoltiz is right...which means my list is probably worthless...hehe. On the other hand, some of that stuff I have under "not worth it" is just so ridiculously expensive and with so little benefit, that I just can't see how it could be worth it...
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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