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The dealer finally called me and notified me that the car will be ready for pick up today... however...

yesterday the dealer called me and notified me that they've raised my apr for some reason, and they failed to notify me that somehow, they've installed the side air bags.. which is a 700 dollar option that i DID NOT WANT, and IT DID NOT save me ANY money on my insurance... I told him that he better fix this problem by today by "giving me something" should I still take the car?? I mean besides the side curtain air bags.. I love the car.. any suggestions?
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If it's the car you want, besides the airbags that could potentially save your life, I'd take it!
yea, thats what I'm deciding to do.. i mean if it was anything else i'd probably be more mad, but its safety issues..
Who wants to bet that they did not "install" SABs - the car came with them installed from Japan. Tell them that since you did not want them, you will still take the car, but will not pay for SABs. I would not take the car and pay for options that I did not want, but that's me.
they gave me some good deals with oil changes, and tweaked the warranty a little.. so i agreed to take it..
Nice. I can't wait to get mine, I still have about another 2 weeks.
just remember, you're supposed to get 3 free oil changes just for buying the car
Yea, they gave me 8 oil changes.. b/c they screwd up couple things.. coming out of my dealers pocket
And most importantly,

If you don't take the car, someone else will and you will wait another 8 weeks just because you didn't want something that could potentially save your life if the worst happens.

Enjoy your new vehicle and the additional safety feature.
Wow you only get 8 free oil changes??? I get free oil changes for the life of my scion.
Originally posted by x Dying For Your Love x@Sep 13 2005, 07:18 PM
Wow you only get 8 free oil changes??? I get free oil changes for the life of my scion.
I guess i wasn't as lucky as you.. i guess its all good.. i do my own oil change any ways.. lol
Local toyota dealer here was offering free oil changes for life for all the cars they sold. My buddy bought a used camry from them 4 years ago. So several months ago he goes for his next oil change, and when he picks up the car he is greeted by the service advisor who is saying that the thread in the oil pan is busted and they can't screw the oil plug back in. My buddy obviously says WTF. They say "well, the car is 6 years old, metal got fatigued from many oil changes, so it's normal, and he needs to pay $600 to replace the oil pan. I know people at this dealership, so my buddy calls me, I come over start looking for the service manager, and overhear another conversation between a different service advisor and an old man (customer) about replacing an oil pan for the same reason. Anyway - my guy drove home without paying a dime - what happened to the old man - no idea.

Now can somebody explain me what kind of "fatigue" can an oil plug (or pan) experience if it's not under any stress at any time, unless a dumb oil change boy uses air tools to put the oil plug back in?

So be diligent with "free" oil changes. Make sure you don't get taken for a ride like that.
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hehe so i guess 8 is good enough if the job is done well.. x)
I would have taken the car only on the condition that I only paid for the options that I requested. I would keep the airbags, but the dealer would have eaten the cost of them.
just to put my two cents in about the side air bags...$700 is a lot of money but just know its not going to make a HUGE difference on your overall monthly payments...for every $1000 its about $20 more on your if you can handle a few more bucks a month i would say go for it...the tC i got was actually a few thousand more than what i originally wanted..but my payments still stayed in the range me and mori talked about so i pay a few bucks more..but i have more toys...
My side airbags saved me 400 bucks a year. And the help my mom and my special lady friend sleep better at night. So congrats on the new ride. Enjoy!
thanks kurker.. i've been driving it every night after work.. not too much, but drove close to a 100 miles in 2 nights.. i've finally figured out the clutch point.. clutch seems long on these anyone agree?
I have only driven three manual cars ever so I don't have a lot of expertise here.


But I can tell you that it is a little longer than my special lady friend's Impreza and a little longer than my roomie's recently stolen Integra. But the action is really light and easy so it is better when driving in Philly traffic than the sube and the integra.
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