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I really dislike my dealer.. I'm being nice when I say this!

It's been a few months and I've had so many issues that its just pissed me off. I'm ok with having a problem, taking it to the dealer, and getting it fixed.. that's fine. I'm not complaining that I have issues, I'm pissed at the crap I've had to put up with..

I have already talked about one issue with my service dept here...

Next time I went in.. about a month ago. I complained that my hatch rattles, my sunroof pops, my weather strip on the top is falling off, and my A/C doesn't work properly. They take my car in, test drive it.. wait all day.. then tell me they have to order the stuff for my hatch.. fine. they have to order the weather strip.. ok. They tell me my sunroof doesn't pop and that the A/C works fine.. now they basically called me a liar and what I hear is just in my head. I complain telling them I would not be wasting anyone's time if it weren't true. After my b/f complained to the manager guy.. I scheduled a drive with the him.. which I haven't done yet. I'm pissed that I have to waste more of my time just to prove I'm not crazy.

anyways.. so I went in the other day and they 'fixed' my weather strip.. I hate them! They put too much glue and glued the front glass of the sunroof to the weather strip so it got stuck. I go in yesterday so they can take a look and the f'n guy says.. are you sure its supposed to be that way? I'm like, ok, its my car, I know how the sunroof is supposed to work. The guy just keeps looking at it.. he clearly doesn't know crap about my car.. I've come to that conclusion! So he says, I guess I'll have to look at another tC to know if you're right. I was pissed... IF I'm right? whatever.. while at the desk, he tells me they might not have time since I didn't have an appointment.. already pissed, I told him I did.. he tells me he didn't see anything and if I'm sure I made one. I finally told him that I talked to the manager and made it with him.. then he shut up. Another guy came to the desk and I started talking to him... he was a little more helpful and I left.

So.. after picking up my car.. they took the extra glue off my sunroof and my hatch rattles just as much as before. I call to tell them that I still hear a rattle and what does the f'n guy say!!! Uhmmm is this regarding the popping roof? I was like, uhmm is that what I said? I'm done with being nice to this guy.. he tells me that they drove my car and didn't hear anything and if I'm sure I don't have something moving around in the back.
I was so mad!!! he then says I should talk to the manager for the test drive to see if what I'm hearing is a problem. I'm so irritated.. why don't they believe me?!


and.. this morning.. i hear a little noise coming from inside my dash.. like to the left side of my stearing wheel.. when I press against it.. the noise stops!
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