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is300 stock wheels?

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I really like the look of the is300's stock (chrome) 5 spoke wheels there very perrty but I was wondering if they would fit on the tC? they only come in 17x7's so they're no bigger they do have a +50 offset though and I'm not sure if the lug patter is the same anyone know if they would fit I like the whole lexus/toyota/scion keep it all the same manufacturer you know? anyways thats all I have to say, sorry don't know how to post pics maybe some one can do that for me?
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I think our offset is 38 through 42mm I think...
They're not 5 x 100 PCD, they're 5 x 114.3 (the much more common size). They won't fit.
We just need to find some interchangeable 5 x 114.3 hubs and install them. What about Camry? Sounds like a junkyard trip to me...
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