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is there another method?

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im not sure on this, but u have to remove the front bumper to get to head lights right? theres no other way to get to the lights without remvin the bumper, is there?

because i was thinkin about getting different lights and such but dont want to risk anything
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I'm not sure about the tC, but one of the xB owners in a local Scion club told me that's what he had to do change his out.

For the smaller (orange lights), you can get to the wire and bulb pretty easily, but I haven't checked to see if you can pull the whole thing out through the hole. He just took a quick glance at mine and was recommending something about putting in a white that has a "white" looking bulb but actually lights up orange. (Huh?)

Anyways, just from what he said, it seems like removing the bumper might be the only way. ;(

*Edit: OH yeah, I think imasaf's signature says something about special lights, so maybe she can help fill you in on what would need to be done?
What do you mean by different lights??? Just the bulbs??? You can get to the bulbs by opening the hood... its quite easy to replace. If you plan on replacing the entire headlight thingamajiggy... then I think you do need to take off the bumper. There was a post of this on scionlife but I can't find it right now...
Originally posted by JZA70@Aug 11 2004, 12:13 PM
Thanks man... I was trying to find it earlier... but with no luck. This was what I was referring to..
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