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Is the wait killing you?!?!?!?

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AHHHHH i cant take it anymore lol its been a week yes yes i know not very long but im dieing to have my tc! i have so much stuff just sitting in my garage await the car so they can all be at home!! heheh i just wondered if any other of you guys are waiting on your new tc to arive... 5spd black pearl... hummm *sigh* any day now.. any day.
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How long did they say the wait would be?
anywhere from 1-4 weeks i was like ehhhh? ok?
1-4 weeks ain't bad... the ppl in SoCal have to wait 6-8 wks for an auto and 8-10 wks for a manual
yhea i know its just.... ya know how the wait is everything is like x10 :p
I know the wait can be frustrating. I waited three weeks, but it's worth the wait. We're getting a lot of car for the money, I mean, you can pay the same price for a Corolla or a Civic and get the car NOW, but it's just not the same. The TC is worthh it.
Hey boostedtc, I had a pretty long wait, I ordered it on July 10th and took delivery on sept. 1st. That's almost two months of waiting. I did a ton of research, posted furiously on this site, read up as much as possible and as the days went by, the wait seemed longer and longer. The reward though, is amazing. I'd wait another month (thank god I don't have to) for this car if it came down to it. It's well worth it. Yeah, I bitched and moaned, but now I'm part of the tC owners crew, which is awesome. Don't worry dude, the day will come.
yea, next to the californians and whosthatrussian, I think I've waited the longest. I started talking with one dealer at the end of july. They said they had a 5-speed flint mica coming in on the next ship...would take about a week or so to get from the ship, to the port, to atlanta. yea right! I don't know what they were smoking, because three weeks later, the car had still not left port and the dealer finally notified me that the dash had been broken and they were waiting for a replacement part to come from Japan. At that point I was so sick of being fed lies that I ended up telling them to try and keep my business. The best that they could do was to get me my third choice color in mid-september. bye bye, see ya later. I got my deposit back and went to another dealer. Everything seemed to work out great there. Same dream car that I was supposed to get from the first dealer and it was already at port...just had to be released and driven to GA. Well, the next day I get a call from my salesman saying that unfortunately, that exact car had been dealer traded only a couple hours earlier and it just hadn't registered in their system. ahhhhhhh! so, long story made even longer...I've been waiting for a flint mica automatic (yea, I know) for the past two and a half weeks. Luckily the hurrican (francis) came through florida (the location of the port) about when my car was supposed to be put on a truck to be delivered. So the 99% sure delivery date of september 7th was off. All in all I've been in the market trying to buy a tC since the end of july, and I'm still not sure when my damn, ahem, beautiful car will arrive. I hope nobody else had to deal with the same mess that I've dealt with. Oh, and hurrican Charlie ruined the deliver of the very original tC that I was supposed to get from the first dealer. Extra tid-bit that makes me hate hurricanes more and more...
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hey, at least the huricane didnt destroy your house....
well thats pretty *####ty* hopefully they dont try to pull that on me... what sucks even more so is the other scion dealership just got a shippment of tc's in and guess what theres the lovely black tc with everything i wanted and 5spd.... my luck overflowith with nothing lol o well the wait continues
damn dealership i call them day after day when is the delivery date.... lemme check and ill call you back. been 7 days in a row.. no call yet... o yhea the guy who sold me my car quit the day after..... so i dont know what the hell is going on... damn charles maund toyota!!! damnnnn yooooouuuu
yea, my salesman just called me and told me that they definitely know my car is in port and that they're just waiting until the port gets up and going (after francis shut it down) to have more information in the computer for my car's location. I guess my pessimistic view of not getting the car till next week is probably more accurate than I want it to be!
But hey, at least my guy calls me back. I'd be livid if I didn't get any calls back. BoostedTC: Did you know that you can check the inventory of your dealership and it should have an approximate delivery date for your car? If you can get to the dealer's website, go to "new vehicles" and click on inventory. This will bring up a window with the xA, xB, and tC. Just click on the tC. This opens up yet another window with a pic of the tC and # vehicles found. click on "click here" and it should pop up a window of all the tCs that that dealership is supposed to be taking delivery of. Hope that helps!
hope it all works out! congrats on your purchase...!!! -t
i started the tc hunt at the end of june when the dealer that i was dealing with at first got a demo tc. i wanted an auto flint mica and it took about a month before they finally got one listed to come in. when they found out, i got a call on a wednesday and they said that it would be there sometime on the weekend and they would call me when it got there. i had been waiting about a month. then the weekend came and no call. i called them on monday after that weekend that the car was supposed to come in and they said that they never had an auto flint mica on the list. i soon found out that they were actually selling tCs, and other cars as well, to people who just walked in and wanted it, even though people had deposits on them and were waiting for them. so in plain terms, they sold my car and then lied to me. i got mad, and i made them find me an auto flint mica. they got one that thursday, 3 days after i compalined. i went in on that thursday, test drove the car, did the deal, and right before i signed any papers i told them i didn't want the car and stuck it to them. i'm sure they sold it no problem, but like a day or two later, costing them money. not that much money to make a big difference but i felt good anyway.
it might sound like they were right and the car never came until thursday, but believe me, that's not the case at all. they found a second one that someone else was probably waiting for. 2 days later, i stumbled upon a dealer in a smaller town nearby me and they had no waiting list at all for tCs, and they still don't
. i bought my silver streak mica right off the boat from japan and got it a week later no problem. i like this color better anyway.
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I've been having dreams that I see all these flint mica tC's on the road and really, it's my car that keeps coming in that the dealer is selling!!!

I've also been waiting since about mid July and I hounded the dealer today who finally got back to me and found out that it's being built tomorrow... happy birthday tC!!
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I'm in the Chicago area and I've been waiting for 5 weeks now. Dealer told me it was going to be 4 to 6 weeks, and knowing how dealers are, I'll probably get it sometime in Oct. I ordered an auto Azure Pearl, not a popular choice at all, so I don't see why they're taking so long. I've been real patient so far, but another week and I'll really start gettin on their nerves...Waitin sucks...
^^^ My guess is that since it's an unpopular choice, they might have LESS of them coming in, as opposed to flint or silver. Depends on the dealer of course. I've waited almost two months for my ride, so don't worry. If I can do it, you definitely can. It does suck though.......
^^^ Yep, I just got off the phone with my dealer. Unless he's lying, my baby is being built today!!!! So, my guess was right, I'll get it in Oct. Does anyone know how long it takes from when the car is built? And how it gets here? I'd fly out to whatever coast just to pick it up...
If you are in the Bay Area (Norther cali), I recommend going to San Francisco Toyota. The sales guy Mark was awesome and not pushy at all (I hate that
) Tell him Eden sent you! They told me my car was going to be here in 3 weeks flat (found out later that it might take an extra week
) but they offered me a loaner car if it doesn’t arrive on time!
Guess what…they found a car for me from another dealership near by and I am getting my baby in exactly 3 weeks!!!! Hope this helps to all you folks in the Bay!
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All I want is a 5spd Indigo Ink Pearl.... with no extra options... stock. I was told I'd have it by the end of October... ordered it Sept 18th. 6 weeks isn't that long.... it has actually gone quicker than I expected!
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