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Is it Possible to alter Stock Subwoofer?

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Hey guys I just bought a new system for my car consisting of HU/Amp/subwoofer. Now I'm looking to hook everything up but my question is I don't want to buy a regualar 10" box for my sub(takes too much space) and so i was wondering is it possible to take out the stock subwoofer out of the bazooka and put in the aftermarket amp and subwoofer in it?. I've done a search and came up with nothing. Also though this is my first post I have been researching post on this forum for a while now. So any one with any help that would be great. Thanks and happy tuning all. Btw the items I bought was the pioneer 7700mp, alpine mrp-350, and Alpine type S 10" sub all curtesy of best buy's list pricing. (I'm a lucky guy and saved lots of money.
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i dont see why not. Although I would find out some specs on teh bazooka box like how many CU FT it is and weather or not it is sealed or ported. Then match those specs up against the recomened specs of the Typ-s woofers. The type-s woofers recomended volumes are as follows:
# sealed box volume: 0.65-1.5 cubic feet
# ported box volume: 1.0-1.75 cubic feet

Anyone have any idea how big the Bazooka box is?
That sounds great, i was thinkin the same thing, but i found no info, if u get any, PLEASE post. Its possible i guess, just got to find a sub the same size and just remove and replace and checkin the wiring is right.
You can get a custom fiberglass box made too. I have seen a few of those floating around.
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