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is it a cheap car?

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hearing all the squeaks and creaks and sound of loose plastic parts and other things inside (whatever they are, i don't know) the car while driving -- is enough to prove that the tc is a cheap car? this is my first one. so i'm inexperienced and wouldn't be able to convince myself that this is normal for a first car. i'm starting to wonder, what if i've just gotten myself a civic si, a cobalt, or an rsx? would it be the same? or would i have made a better choice? i don't know, my friends. maybe i'll just let this one go and wait for the next car.

but when i'm outside looking at it, i feel different. it's so beautiful and i'm in love with it.
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I have two tCs. One is dead quiet. The other makes a bunch of noises like you describe. It shouldn't. The only reason the other one makes noise is because I haven't addressed the noisemakers, however, you should be able to have the noises stopped by your dealership under warranty. There is no reason the car should be making these sounds.
I agree. The tc strong point is that it is very quiet inside during most driving conditions. Don't except the noise and take it back to get remidied.
part of this contemplation is whether this is normal for a brand new car. well i guess i'm lucky with my decision if a person who can afford a supra prefer to decide as well.
I've been fighting the sunroof creaking for the last two days. Dealer "loctite" TSB did not do anything, so I decided to find out what's wrong myself. Took the roof off - drove around - no creaks. Took the deflector off, put the roof back - still no creaks. So I blame the deflector. BTW, if ever try this endeavor yourself - make sure when you tighten the sunroof down it's not pushed up by the deflector - otherwise the deflector will have a tiny gap where it touches the rubber and will start making scary howling noises when you drive over 30mph.

Anyway, for now I have two choices - get a warm garage, then I won't have any creaking in the morning, or keep messing with the deflector till I find exactly what causes it to creak.
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