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interstate run

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well i got my injen cai on sat and a buddy of mine wanted to see how my car would compare to his spec v. the only thing he has done is a injen cai and an exhaust. i have the same thing done to my car. so we hit the highway, he was alone in the car while i had another person doing some video taping so i also had to have my window open. its hard to get a 5speed trans. and a 6speed trans. to get a good run from a roll bc of the difference in the rpm ranges. the first run we attempted i was in 3rd gear around 3-3500 rpm. we took off and he just pulled from me like no tomorrow. so we went again. this time i was in 3rd gear again but i made sure i had my car at 4000 rpm. when we took off he pulled a little more then a fender on me, but once i hit 4th i started to real him in and quick. i was just about to shift into 5th and finish it off but he was comeing up on a car in the right lane so we let off before we got too close to them. all in all it was a good race. personally i dont think my car was doing bad at all considering the extra person and window being down in my car.
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what ever happened to racing from a dig?
Maybe put up the video so we can all see?
ill have to see if i can get the tape from my buddy and get the race on the computer. i dont know how to do it so it might be a little while before i get it on here. we didnt race from a stop bc it was around 9:30 at night so we still had a group of cars comeing up behind us and we didnt want to cause any problems so we just slowed down as much as we could. but as soon as i get the chance to have my friend help me get the video online i will.
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