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interior lighting

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Well peeps did my first couple of mods to the tc... I had my roady2 from my old car and installed it in my tc. While I was doing this I thought.,. hmmm why not change out the cubby light to a blue led... Did it and love it.. Too easy.... after pulling out the console I was able to twist and pull out the light receptacle to the cubby. I then replace the white oem bulb with a #74 led from superbright leds... Worked like a charm.. Oh and how I missed my xm radio.. but it's back..........
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How does one post a pic on this site.... ?
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What's up Da-Merc, how did you get the gear numbers to light up like that? Thanks
I was also wanting to know what the model # for the bulb was. #47 means nothing on thier website. I would like to order some of these asap.

Go to the site and locate the #74 wedge buld on the page. . all 12volt bulb for motor vehicles
Cool, but Da-Merc how do you change the or add the light that's in your gearshift console so that it lights up bright like yours? I noticed that yours is amber, how'd you do it?
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