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Ok so Im taking my first stab at this I have installed my System in the car but I have never tried this. I bought these LED lights off ebay
And I am trying to figure out how to wire them. Now here is my questions now some are very basic so be kind I am a novice to lighting.

1. What type of wire should I use?
2. I seached the posts and everyone seems to be using the Lighter for the source of power is there anyplace else?
3. I have a switch laying around? but is doest have a ground? can I just hook up + to +
and - to - or do i need to ground the switch?
4. Do I run four seperate wires from the Led to the switch and then the switch to my source or do i run them paralell if so how do i do this?
5. Any other suggestions on how to hook this up?

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