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So intakes sound cool. That's about it. MAYBE you get a few more ponies out of it.

What I wanna know, is I've heard with CAIs that there is the potential for hydrolocking your engine.

Now I live in Florida, where it tends to rain quickly and flood even quicker. Were I to place a CAI all the way down behind that left grill, is it realistically possible for water to get sucked through the filter and into my engine, thus causing this hydrolock?

If that's possible I'll go with a short ram or just stay stock, cause I'm not risking my engine just to sound cool. I'll get an exhaust for that.

How do you repair a hydrolocked engine?

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You need a pretty large shot of liquid to hydrolock an engine. I've poured water straight down a carburetor to remove carbon from an engine (it really works well for this) to the tune of 8 ounces in about 10 seconds. If you run the numbers, you need a really big instantaneous shot of water to hydrolock an engine. IMHO, there are more stories of hydrolocking than actual incidents, but it is a concern when you place the intake very low to the ground and try to ford a small flooded area.

BTW, there is no significant advantage to being close to the ground compared to taking air off the windshield area, especially on a hot day on a blacktop road. Surface temps on the road can approach 140 degrees on a hot day, definitely not the kind of air you want going into the engine if you can avoid it.

Repairing a hydrolocked engine is usually pretty expensive. Invariably there is at least one bent rod, but after that it's anyone's guess how many other things will be damaged. Water is pretty much non-compressible, so when the piston tries to compress the water that got sucked in to cause a hydrolock, the rod gives pretty quickly, then the piston dome collapses, and sometimes the head tries to push off the top of the engine. Lots of potential damaged items. Many times it's just easier to go to the junkyard and get a complete engine.
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