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Okay, I am just curious as to how much you guys pay for insurance...if there are any of you that are around 21 and live in TX, I am _REALLY_ interested in what you're paying. I plan to purchase a tC, hopefully by the end of the year *crosses fingers* but the car I have now is a...well piece of poo. I don't even have full coverage on it, cuz it wouldn't be worth it. But I go through Geico and pay $100 on it (i have tickets) I know that it wont be a very accurate estimate but I am curious none the less. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Im 22, in MA which has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY higher insurance than TX. I was paying 1600.00 a year for my i pay like 800.00 for the scion. And that even includes moving onto my own plan without the parents as cosigners. CHEAP CHEAP! -T
Yeah, I'm 23 and paying 750 with Progressive. No moving violations or accidents in the past three years, so my record is clean. At first, I was quoted around 1200, so I'm happy with 750.
i am 25 and on a policy with my sister and 2 cars and like 5 tickets between the two of us in ohio.
basically i pay less than 800 bucks a year for my tC. she pays less than 700 a year for her accord.
insureance varies sooooo much from person to person its hard to compare.

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what kind of coverage are you all getting with your insurance company (and how
much of a deductible did you take out??)

myself.. i went with full coverage and $500 Deductible each for Collision &
Comprehensive.. all for the low low retail price of $381.11 for 6 months
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Ohh man, I'm 21, live in new york, not tickets, points, or accidents, and i'm paying $2,200 a year, and thats the best my agent could get for me.
im 18/m in FLA with 3 accidents and im paying 4K for the scion a year, and its supposed to go up!!
Originally posted by QuadinScionTC@Aug 11 2004, 08:08 PM
im 18/m in FLA with 3 accidents and im paying 4K for the scion a year, and its supposed to go up!!

You need to not drive.... think of it... your 4K a year can buy you a tC in about 4 years...
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man, I thought I had it bad! wow...
Ok... here is my insurance details...

$520 for six months of coverage with AIG (American Insurance Companies)

Bodily Injury... $100K/$300K Per Person/Accident
Property Damage... $50K Per Accident
Medical Pymt... $5K Per Person
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury... $100K/$300K Per Person/Accident
Other Than Collisions Deductable... $100
Collision Deductable... $250
Towing and Labor... $50 Per Disablement

I'm in my mid-late 20s... Female... single for now... living in SoCal
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