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Installing Vinyl Overlays

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I did a search and couldn't find any good install tips/instructions on how to install a vinyl overlay.

I got the overlay for my 3rd taillight, and I'd like to figure out how to put it on.
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Soapy water, credit card/tint squeegee, and you are done with the 3rd brake light, also helps if you are parked in the sun, then molding the vinyl over the edges will be much easier.

Don't overdo on the soapy water, or squeeze as much out as you can after you are done aligning the vinyl, otherwise you'll end up with bubbles. Most of the bubbles will disappear after several weeks, but if you left too many, some might choose to stay.
I used a hair-dryer to stretch out the overlay, which I thought definitely helped. Not too complicated though, especially with the straight overlay for the 3rd brakelight.
So just clean the light then spray it with the soapy water and put the overlay on, then squeegee the bubbles out?

Ok... I guess I'll try it tomorrow then.
^exactly. try to do it when its not windy. either use the sun or a hairdryer to get it dried up to stick on there after you push all the bubbles out.
Oh, if you are doing tail lights and it's not working out - you know who to call

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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