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Installing TRD Springs

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How much money should I be putting out if I wanted to have TRD springs installed on my Tc
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Just talk about my mom to make you feel better. Everyone else does.
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Mar 14 2005, 01:02 PM
yeah, my pc was being stupid (as ever) yesterday andit was making it difficult or impossible to log in and check my pm's. so i sent my phone number twice and said call me so we can solidify the time. nope. in the future, anyone who is asking me for my help, just call me if you cant make it. no hard feelings. things come up. all i ask is that i get to know about it as soon as possible so i can change my day around. thats why i have a phone., oh well.
This is one of many reasons that I require a phone call before stopping by.
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Originally posted by Plissken@Mar 14 2005, 01:06 PM
Just talk about my mom to make you feel better. Everyone else does.
I don't know that your mom is as fun as Greg's.

But we can try her out, I suppose.
Take her for an ol' test drive, eh Wolo?
Originally posted by Labfish@Mar 14 2005, 10:58 PM
Take her for an ol' test drive, eh Wolo?
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i just came from the dealership and they told me that it would cost me $120 each for the front and $160 each for the rear springs. i don't know about anyone else but i bought my $125 springs so i wouldn't have to spend to much on them and i'm not about to spend more on getting them installed then what i paided for them. i'm going to let one of my buddies do it for me. i just thought i would share that with u guys.
Did my own and now I feel very accomplished and less poor. just don't forget to get an alignment right after you drop it.
What does sparks charge for the drop? Im sure its in another thread somewhere so let me apologize in advance.
sparks is a dealer, so it wouldnt be cheap.

as for events, just keep checking in on the regional forums for sacto. 4/10 is the elk grove BBQ thing. i believe that is the next organized event.
.410 is a small bore shotgun.
thats right, and i have the right to arm bears.
Speaking of arming bears, I may have TRD springs on my beauty after this weekend.
oh, are you coming over, marty?
Maybe it's just me, but I'll take bare arms over armed bears any day.
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Mar 29 2005, 12:15 AM
oh, are you coming over, marty?
I wish. But no, I think that zoltiz and some others are going to help me do the install.
I just got done with a nightmare on this.....I went to boulder toyota becaue they quoted my 3 hrs and $260 to get the springs in, $45 for an alignment. After an hour or so they call and say they have only taken the wheels off because it looks like I was missquoted and it will be 6 hours and near $600, apperently he quoted me just the front wheels. They gave me some bs about having to remove the whole rear seats and interior! So I called mountain states, the dealer I bought it from, and made sure their earlier quote of $300 to get them in and $70 for an alignment was all four wheels, it was indeed. So I took it to them and luckily the assistant install manager managed to squeeze me in today because I already have the parts.
41 - 60 of 74 Posts
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