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installing dynamat

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im going to be installing dynamat in my back hatch, doors, and on my license plate. any tips or hints to help out?
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Be sure to clean the areas well with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits prior to application. The most important area for you will be the rear quarters-- those panels are loud. Make sure the ambient temps are between 70º–85º-- colder makes the material tough to work with, hotter makes the material exceeding tough to work with. Lay the material out flat the night before-- that will save some headaches.
oh yeah and buy a lot....u will need about 20 sq. feet atleast, thata how much i had, i wish i had a bit more

but it definitely helps
i got the license plate kit, the kit for the doors, and i think 13 sqft for the hatch, if i need more ill get some
how do you get to the rear quarters? i put several layers across the floor of the trunk and on the wheelwells then i took off the back hatch panel and put a few layers under there and it still rattles like a motherf***** in the taillights and such. god that stuff is such a bitch to work with and i was pissed that i spent all that money and time and it didnt do squat. btw cut it up into small squares and it will be a lot easier to work with. oh ya i also misjudged where to put it on the back hatch and now there is dynamat sticking out from under the plastic. be careful!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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