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Installing an Alpine Head unit.

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Hey All,

I can't remember if that was the model of my head unit but it is very close to that.

I wanted to know how difficult it would be to take the factory pioneer head unit out and put my new head unit in.

I have changed many cd players out of cars but I have never taken a factory deck out. I have traded decks with people and going from aftermarket to aftermarket is very easy. I am just a little scared there is going to be a crazy wiring scheme when I get behind there.

The main thing I worry about is the wiring. Can someone tell me what to expect once I pull the pioneer head unit out? Thanks all. I appreciate your help.

Brad Morton
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Brad, you will need an adapter kit to convert the space in the dash from double-DIN to DIN (search Google for TOY-K969) and a wire harness (try TWH-950) which will need to be soldered or crimped to the wires on your new head unit, so that you will be able to connect the new head unit to the connectors in your car.

By the way, I have a spare set of these two products. PM me if interested.
Marty has enough spare parts to almost build a new car
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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