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Installing 6"x9"

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I was wondering if anyone knew the best way I could install 6"x9" into the Scion Tc that I'm getting. I want to keep the stock system, then hook up some 6"x9" somehow, and also have my two 12" subs (800 RMS apiece) hooked up. Can anyone help me? I was thinking of buying boxes for the 6"x9" and figuring out a way to mount them to the back of the rear seats, but if you have a better idea, please let me know....thanks
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There is physically enough room to mount 6X9's in the rear of the tC. However, you will have to fabricate a baffle board or enclosure behind the panel. Then there is the issue of the grill. The sound would be blocked and muffled by the small hole in the stock grill. The rear speakers on the tC really don't sound that great in the first place due to poor coupling and no real baffle to seperate the front and rear soundwaves. In order to mod it for 6X9's, you would have to do some extensive work to make it sound right.
Thanks for your help man. I understand what you are saying, but I think that mounting them onto the back of the rear seats is my best bet. They will be able to hold pretty well, and it will sound great as well. Thanks for your help man, and if you need anything, holla at me.
I wouldn't even put 6x9's in the rear....get a good front component system and adjust your crossovers correctly between them and the subs....that will give you balance on all frequency.....
I would agree with SCI_TC_GUY. 6 1/2" is plenty to make some good mid-bass. A decent pair of 5 1/4"s is all you need back there, since people rarely ride in the back seat. If you still need more bass and don't want to put in 2394892359 watts, a little 8 or 10" would be sufficient for a filler, and more convienant than putting in 6x9 boxes (which, I've never heard good results from anyway, IMHO).
Most 6x9's sound like arse anyway, to much distortion from the cones flexing at differnt rates. There has been some successs with cones designed to compensate for this but not in low cost or even moderately expensive good sounding speakers. Thicker cones can help but the tradeoff of more moving mass adds to the distortion factor in other ways.

Stay round and as above, concentrate on a as good as set of front speakers as you can afford, give them some nice power and be happy:)

We are removing the rear speakers and tossing them into the trash in out very expensive world championship contender audio install, that should give you a clue as to what I really think about rear speakers;)

All rear speakers should be is a fill. Like surround speakers in a 5.1 home theater, they're just for accents...not to play music/voice want your stage to be up at ear/eye level so you get the concert effect. You wouldn't go to a concert and face the rear exit would you? Then why put the band behind you with rear speakers that aren't attenuated?
Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm probably going to do what you guys have advised me to just makes more sense. Thanks for you help, and if you have any more ideas, let me know
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