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I bought a used Scion XM kit (that was taken out of xB). Kinda hoped it would be the same kit that they sell for tC - tough luck. The antenna is too big to fit in the "recommended" spot (behind stock AM/FM antenna). So I had the same problem as you with glass roof and a magnet. Ended up using 3M mouning tape (the clear gummy kind). Works perfect. The antenna is now on the roof (same spot as yours), wires are running through the c-pillar under the front pass seat. The rest is "scion approved" - stock HU controls and displays XM stations. 3x6 presets, so not too bad for $200 I guess...

First attempt at mounting the antenna (that was as far as it would reach with routing the wires via a grommet inside the bumper:

That's where I ended up putting it:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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