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Will be adding a Delphi SkyFi SA50000 XM receiver in my car this weekend. I purchased the XM receiver for itself from eBay for $64, and I also had to order a part to run from the back of the stock head unit and through the dash to the receiver ($42) -- that way I can get digital sound and still be able to take my XM receiver out of the car and listen to it elsewhere. I will also have to buy the car kit ($70) to hook all of this up -- it includes the cradle (which connects to the proprietary connector on the receiver), a power adaptor, and an XM antenna. I will be paying about $30 to get the wire installed.

So, that's a total of about $206 to get a nice XM setup. Now, I just hope that the adaptor they ordered me will fit my head unit. :/

I'll keep you posted.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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