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installed my new stereo

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Just installed my new stereo in my tc, its so sweet. I'll have some pics up in a few days, too much snow outside to take some now.

Alpine cda-9831 Head
Alpine kda-420i Ipod controller
Polk components upfront coaxial in the back
MTX 5 channel amp
JL Audio 10 inch sub with box

The JL audio sub fits just perfect, I got so lucky with it sounds great and fits like a dream. I got it from a place called Tweeter in virginia for 169.99 if anyone has a chance, I really suggest getting that if you dont want a custom enclosure. I think there are many tweeter stores around the country but i dont know where, just in virginia and upstate new york.

I didnt install components in the back because I want a completly stock look. If someone looks in my car they wont know i have anything installed. I love it. I heard the alpine recievers dont fit when you close the door because of the huge knob but mine is perfect.

Also anyone know where I can get replacement clips for the panels in my doors, I broke about 4 of them and I want it to fit perfect again. Toyota parts department? Can I get them off the internet?

Again I'll have pics in a few days.
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Glad to hear you got your system in. Sounds like it'll really rock. The door closing is a big plus too. You should be able to get replacement clips at your local auto parts store. They should have a good selection of clips. They may not have exactly the same ones, but you should be able to find some that'll work. Post the pics soon. Thanx for sharing.
hey in response to your post, u said u just installed ur deck...
this stuff is what i do, but in my only other car i had (1992 toyota p/u) if i scratched or broke something i didnt care, but this is my first system i have done on a brand new car....more importantly my brand new car...i have 2 questions

first, how do u remove the dash to access the stock deck and replace with yours...

and second
with the amp, where did u drill through the firewall for that battery cable

any other caveats u may have are appreciated....
I have an automatic tC so I just pulled up by the shifter but dont pull to hard because the lighter is attached to it, just enough to wiggle it around. Then just start pulling on the dash and make sure the radio door is closed. There is a guide that shows you how to take apart the entire interior at somewhere there.

I ran the powercable through a grommet on the drivers side and into the top of the engine bay. I cant pinpoint it but when I take pictures when it gets warmer i'll take a pic of that too.
thanks so much boost...u have no idea how much that helps...i think within 12 hours of getinmg my car and showing it off i will stay up all night and put my whoile system in...did u drill from inside the car or outside in if outside in... underneath the car, or from the engine bay???
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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