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Installation Costs

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So I've been sweating a BSP tC for the past 2 months now and I've only set aside about 1/3 of the down payment (I want to put down $6000). Obviously I've been going back and forth to to configure and reconfigure my dream car. But only recently I've noticed that they actually note that installation costs are not included. Now I might not have been paying good enough attention, but I was under the impression that the costs listed on the site did indeed include installation costs. I mean $525 for just the TRD exhaust and no install?? I was already having second thoughts about whether or not I should finance the accessories or just buy the car bone stock and purchase them out of pocket later on. Now I'm really leaning towards just getting the car and nothing else. Another reason I wanted the dealer to install everything was because I would feel better if the factory did it rather than asking a friend or doing it myself. It just helps me sleep better at night I guess. But not if it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. I already think the prices are a bit steep as it stands, so is there any way to have the dealer install the parts without extra costs? Otherwise I'll have to rethink my options.

Any ideas?
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Buy the tc parts online...much cheaper than the dealer price...
Yea, I noticed that too. But like I said, I would much rather finance all of the accessories from Toyota rather than paying cash for it later on. I was willing to take a small hit in the price difference, but that was before I realized they are probably going to charge me for installation.
Okay so I guess I wrote too much and scared everyone away.. lol. What it comes down to is this: Are there going to be any additional installation costs on top of whatever accessories I decide to purchase from Scion? What are your own experiences and if so, approximately how much? Thanks guys.

EDIT: Just to be more specific, here are the options I'm currently considering:

TRD Exhaust
TRD Lowering Springs
Pioneer Deck w/ iPod Interface
im tellin you buy it stock and buy parts online...ur gonna get ripped off on installation as well as the price for parts alone from the dealer, you can buy so many more things for ur car with the money that u saves + installing the exhuast takes literally 10 Minutes to do... i just bolts off....very simple to do, alot of the options are DIY, which will save u even more money rather than having toyota charging you like $90 and hour for installation...
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