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Injen Vs. TRD

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ok guys, well i think we have narrowed it down to me either going with the Injen axle-back exhaust for $330 shipped, or the TRD exhaust for $440 shipped. Which one should I go with?
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get the megan. $390 shipped catback. better than both
Originally posted by cade01@Feb 9 2006, 04:17 PM
I'm not really worried about the performance Im getting out of an axle-back exhaust because i dont expect it to be much.  What I am looking for is a great sound!  The injen is 330$ and the TRD is 370$, but money doesnt really matter here, its just the sound im trying to decide on.  I want something that is going to sound good and intemidate the car next to me.  This decision is so difficult.  If anyone has any videos of the injen inside the car or a flyby please post it or give me a link.  I would really appreciate it.
soo your saying your a ricer? got a "mad wide body kit too"? get a APC muffler then. and intimidate the car next to you? i would laugh if you pulled up next to me witha exhaust "just to make sound"

filmnews.... theres a whole saler on ebay where my friend got his. look up tc exhaust. you will see about 10 auction for a buy it now price of $285 plus about $90 for shipping. my friend got his off ebay brand new from this guy before he dropped the price. he paid $300 + $90 for shipping. still a good price. he got it 4 days after he did the buy it now. good seller apparently. i installed it for him and it is a real megan catback. not a replica. its the same one thats on the bishop motorsports website. just so you know, not EVERYTHING on ebay is fake. lol
to be honest, it looks good. and i am NOT a fan of angled exhausts. and in the picsures it looks VERY gay, but after i installed one on my firends car, it looked very good. the only problem we had was the hangars. they dont have the nubs on the end to hold on the exhaust too well, but its a easy fix. i did a write up on my install in a thread i started in this section.
yes they are, and yes they do. and like i said before, if I think it looks good, then its DEFINATELY NOT ricey looking. i am probably the most anti rice person there is lol. trust me it looks good, and it sounds even better. better than the greddy imho. and i have said before greddy quality is far from good. it looks and sounds good for about a year, then it WILL rust out from inside and create a rattle that is equal to nails on a chalk board irritating. i had one on my type-r before i went turbo, and tons of my friends had the greddy evo exhaust on thier cars and the same exact thing happened to them. the people on here havent had them that long yet to experience it yet. but they will.
no i dont use the silencer, the exhaust tip is like 4" and this inlet is 2.5. i think it sounds and loks great
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