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Injen Vs. TRD

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ok guys, well i think we have narrowed it down to me either going with the Injen axle-back exhaust for $330 shipped, or the TRD exhaust for $440 shipped. Which one should I go with?
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i agree with AlaS. without any serious power adder (FI) an axle back exhaust doesnt really do anything. if u want to SAY that ur car has 3 more horses than stock then fine. u can say that but according to the butt dyno ur not going to feel any faster than any tC on the dealer's lot. nobody is walkin around saying i can blow u out the water with my axelback exhaust. seriously to make a HELPFUL post, i'll say scrap the idea of going axel back if u want actual power. if u want gains do ur homerwork and go with a FULL exhaust system and save up for Forced Induction. also if u STILL wanna go with an axle back and want to get headers, DONT get the TRD. it sounds bad with headers. people say only the SP2 or the EVO2 work with headers and dont sound chitty. im done. i have the TRD and i love how it sounds. g35'ish, and quiet when at idle. it opens up well tho. the only Injen i head was on a auto and it didnt sound like....anything. when the guy opend it up i liked my TRD better. im done now. this tpic has been well worked over.

oh and i've heard of a fair amount of peeople with the Injen exhaust scraping it with a decent lower. THATS what made me go with TRD. im a little to low to play with scraping up 330 dollars on the regular.
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1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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