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Originally posted by ALaS@Jan 27 2006, 04:59 PM
Socks(hydro shields), By-pass-valves all restrict airflow. Loss of Power; and the little HP that you actually gain. +3 hp -4 hp. = -1 hp. Yay
How likley will you submerge your car into more than a foot of water anyway? If you are getting an intake, then get it. Stop being scared. Bypass valves just makes your intake COMPLETLEY useless besides for what the sound and the bling is. 300 dollars Not worth it.
I see that you have never experienced hydrolock.... i had a cold air intake on my last car, no bypass valve, and i was driving home in some heavy rain. i never had a problem before, i always drove home when it was raining and nothing ever happened. Anyways i was driving home that day when it was raining hard and a huge puddle formed in the middle of the parkway, i had to go through it, so i did and what do ya know, the engine light went on and my car stalled.

so in response to your statement, it can happen and it has, thus the creation of bypass valves
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