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Injen Exhaustq

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Ok I can tell from the info i have recieved on the OBX exhaust that it wouldnt be a good idea to go with that. So what about the Injen axle back exhaust creative compacts offers for like 360$? Also if any of you recomend an exhaust in the 400 dollar range please tell me, Im up for anything.
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I like my Injen.
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I don't know if I want a axle back or cat back exhaust. If I were to get a axle back, it would be Injen.
injen is a pretty awsome exhaust. i like how it sounds.
TRD! $525 ..woot :[
trd sparks has the injen for 330 shipped
So you guys think the Injen axle-back exhaust would be a good investment for the 400$ range?
Injen is good, yes. Hope you like the sound and the loudness.

Borla's quieter
Would you know where I can find sound clips of the injen exhaust?
theres a video somewhere on the site, it has like 5 different exhausts
I can get the Injen Exhaust for $280 on They accept the $50 gift card from Scion. I have until March 30th to use it.
INJEN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edit: Heres a sound clip ... doesn't give it rightousness but you get the idea.
LOL, they do!? hah, i should buy my injen there and save $50. Sorry ken...

I forgot to ask everyone who has an injen if they think it hangs too low to the ground? I plan on lowering my tC this spring, and putting the axel back injen on. But eh, I don't want it scraping the ground, ya know? Has anyone lowered their car AND put the injen on? If so, how does it do? And can you get pics?
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Originally posted by cade01@Jan 15 2006, 12:52 PM
Would you know where I can find sound clips of the injen exhaust?
If you search for the thread where I posted mine for sale (pharoh bought it) I made a short video of it at idle and slight revving.
Eric, linky no worky. that might be my video you're linking to though.
Here it is: tc&p=0
Originally posted by damien1023@Jan 15 2006, 03:55 PM
theres a video somewhere on the site, it has like 5 different exhausts
I believe Ed still has it on his server. PM him
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The only problem with the injen hanging low is where it goes under the axle I believe. I measured it a few days ago and it was about 5 1/2 inches from the ground on my car. That is what I am worried about if I lower it, but the sound is worth it!!!

Originally posted by serith@Jan 15 2006, 07:39 PM
Here, nice t3 server--mine
It's amazing how much different all those exhausts sound... I still can't decide which one I like best though, lol. Good luck to the original poster is all I can say.
i like the injen also. and 280$ is a awsome deal.
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