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Good points all. My bet is, if you actually measured the performance (not allowing yourself to be influenced by the increased noise), it would be a near zero gain and might even actually be a loss.

I'm still failing to understand why I'd want a metal pipe on my intake anyway. Plastic and carbon fiber seem much better materials for this application.

Last but not least, remember the manufacturer has to meet noise specifications. The entire car is measured for compliance, and intake noise is one of the most diffcult things to make quiet. You can bet the engineers spent a significant amount of time making the intake both quiet and powerful.

I've seen LOTS of guys put aftermarket intakes and exhausts on motorcycles over the last 25 years and LOSE power. Of course this only shows up with a watch and a timed course. When they put the devices on their machines they declare them an improvement because the thing "sounds" a lot "meaner" than it did. Purely psychological.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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